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“My daughter and I, both German born, are strong supporters of the parade and proud of our heritage.  The parade is a highlight of the year, which is looked forward to with great anticipation.  As a member of the “Deutscher Club of Clark” (New Jersey), who has participated since the first days of the parade, I now work as a contributing writer for a German language newspaper from the sidelines.  I also hosted visiting band members who participated in the parade with my Club.”

- Christa Wimmer

The Doberman Gang of NYC has been marching in the Parade since 2013 and it is the highlight of our year! Our group members love presenting this beautiful breed to the world on Fifth Avenue and celebrating their proud history.


For the last 25 years I have been marching with the Grand Council of Steuben Associations in Civil Service and am also the current PVV 1st Vice President. Together we will march again in the wonderful and the best Parade in NYC ” The Steuben Parade

Jane Manne Cordero, Miss German-America 1976

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