The German-American Steuben Parade currently has nine marching divisions. Some of the divisions have a geographical background (i.e. New Jersey Division, Continental Division), whereas some have a cultural background (i.e. Bavarian Division, Karneval Division). Each Division is led by a Division Marshal who oversees the line-up within that division and who works closely with the Line-Up Chairman in staging the Steuben Parade.

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Currently, the Divisions of the German-American Steuben Parade are:

Parade Officials, Honored Guests, Grand Council in Civil Service


Division Marshal: Michael Schablin
This Division traditionally leads the parade. The Grand Council of Steuben Societies in Civil Service includes German-Americans from NYPD, FDNY and other agencies. The Division also carries the German and American flag, the parade flag and leads the Grand Marshals and Honored Guests up Fifth Avenue.

Plattdeutsche Division

Division Marshal: Thomas Zwiener – Elke Rugen
This Division mainly consists of the two large Plattduetsche Organizations with their respective headquarters at Plattduetsche Park in Franklin Square, Long Island, and Schützen Park in North Bergen, NJ.

Bavarian Division


Division Marshal: Robert Edelman

This Division includes all Bavarian organizations, Schuhplattler and Trachten groups no matter of their geographic area. Most groups in this division come from New York and New Jersey, others are from Connecticut and other states.

Gottscheer Division

Gottscheer Division

Division Marshal: Gillian Guile

This Division includes the 9 member organizations of the Gottscheer Relief Association with their headquarters in Queens, NY as well as other groups that identify with the Gottscheer community. The Gottscheer community originates in the Gottschee, a German speaking area of what is now Slovenia, formerly Austria-Hungary.


New Jersey Division

Division Marshal: Jens Reidel
This Division includes all German-American clubs and organizations in the state of New Jersey, except the clubs headquartered at Schützen Park. The two largest groups within this Division are Deutscher Club of Clark, NJ and Germania Park in Dover, NJ.


Metropolitan Division

Division Marshal: Kathy Jolowicz
This Division includes German-American organizations based in New York City and the boroughs. Some of them are registered clubs, others are informal organizations, including several young groups comprised of meetup.com members. Several churches and schools are part of this Division.

New York State Division

Division Marshal: 
Formerly known as the Westchester Division, this Division has grown vastly over recent years and now includes groups from several counties adjacent to New York City, including Westchester, Hudson, Rockland, Putnam, and Dutchess. In an effort to grow the Steuben Parade to a national level, German-American groups from the entire state of New York are invited to join this Division, which continues to be led by the German-American Societies of Westchester.

Continental Divison

Division Marshal: Stephanie Messing
This Division is the youngest within the organization. It was founded after more and more German-American clubs from all over the United States had expressed interest in the Steuben Parade. The Division has recently included groups from Wisconsin, Texas, Florida, Pennsylvania, New England, California, and other states.


Karneval Division

Division Marshal: Barbara Hoeltz
This Division has been the glorious finale of the Steuben Parade in recent years, featuring some of the most colorful groups and performances. It is traditionally anchored by the “Kölsche Funke Rut-Wiess New York” and its Dreigestirn, but also includes German Karneval and Fastnacht groups.