image1As Miss German-America, I take immense pride in my cultural history and to say that my trip to Köln was a dream-come-true would be an understatement. Ever since I can remember I dreamed of walking on cobblestone streets and embracing the German culture while living in the country. Although my trip lasted a short amount of time, I have grown more appreciative of the country my ancestors are from. I did indeed walk on cobblestone streets while embracing the picturesque city of Köln. Everyone I met while on my trip welcomed me with open arms and encouraged me to exercise my knowledge of the German language. I truly felt like a citizen of Köln by the end of the week!


I want to say Thank You to all of the people who 2018 Kolnmade my dreams come true and for those of you in Germany who have taken the time to make my trip one to remember. A special and heartfelt thank you to the Steuben Parade Committee, “Bürgergarde “Blau-Gold” von 1904 e.V. Köln, Blau Weiss Group, Frau Analie Hinz, Herr Bernd u. Frau Monika Hinz and Bürgermeister Breuer of Hürth. It was a pleasure to make your acquaintance and I very much look forward to visiting your city again.


Caitlyn Walsh

Miss German-America 2017