DSC_3416-web Nicole Radske Miskiewicz, the Parade’s Vice Chairlady, was Miss German-America in 2006. Nicole is an Interior Designer and resides on Long Island. Being Miss German-America triggered a reaction to get her entire family involved with the Parade. As Queen, Nicole’s father, Bob Radske, felt it was very important that Nicole take her role seriously and accompanied her to the monthly Parade meetings. Both Bob and Nicole joined various committees over the years. First Nicole became the Gottscheer Division Marshall and eventually took a position assisting with the Miss German-America Court. She also assumed responsibility for Cornflower donations and in 2014 became Vice Chairlady of the Parade. Nicole’s father is our current Parade Chairman and her mother is the Finance Secretary. Her sister, Stephanie, also volunteers at many events and on Parade Day. The Parade is a huge part of Nicole’s life and she truly loves being a part of it.STEUBEN-PARADE-NYC-2006-021-web


Nicole’s highlight as Miss German-America was walking down the aisle of St Patrick’s Cathedral in the white gown, gloves and crown. She truly felt like royalty and felt it was a once in a life time opportunity. While in Köln as Goodwill Ambassador, a TV Channel followed Nicole around for a reality TV show type episode. As a 19 year old this was a very cool experience for Nicole.2007-STEUBEN-PARADE-NYC-187-web


Nicole finds the history and old photographs from the Parade fascinating. She loves the huge beer barrel on Reichenbach Hall’s Float. She recently found a very old Parade photo of a float having a similar barrel and thought it was very cool that this same theme has come back in recent years. Another favorite float was from a few years ago with the Reichstag and Brooklyn Bridge, a float that truly captured the transaleadershiptlantic connection between Germany and the USA. 


Nicole’s advice for future courts is “Have fun and make friends at the different events. Be engaging, show your enthusiasm by speaking to people about the Parade.” 

Over the next two weeks we will bring you updates on several ladies who are celebrating milestone anniversaries of their reign as Miss German-America or Princess. If you are a former court member, or are in touch with any, please have them contact us by e-mailing Chairman@GermanParadeNYC.org. We would like to update our records as well as include these ladies in our events and Parade.