Written By: Samantha Hart

New Sponsor Alert! I’d like to introduce Sam Agyemang (general manager) of Lamy, a family owned business best known for writing utensils, specifically the timeless fountain pen. 

First conceived in Heidelberg, Germany during in the 1930’s; its philosophy was rooted in the sensible and simple, Bauhaus movement. A movement characterized by craftsmanship and fine art holding equal importance. Architecture, art, woodworking and geometric design could all blend and thirty some odd years later, “Lamy” became official. More than 100 awards (since 1966) have been won between 200 writing instrument models and 26 product series! It has a truly global reach as it is on every continent. Lamy has had a presence in the United States since the introduction of the Safari fountain pen back in 1980. 

Our own Vice Chairlady Nicole Miskiewicz (long-time user of Lamy pens) reached out directly to Sam to begin a relationship, given that this brand is both designed and made in Germany, it was a natural fit! Its North American Flagship store is located in New York at 452 W Broadway, in the heart of downtown Manhattan’s shopping destination SoHo. When describing the goals of the Steuben Parade and its rich history, Mr. Agyemang was, “genuinely impressed that in the very busy lives of New York professionals so many great people who make up your organization are there as volunteers”.  A great compliment to all that work at making this happen and support it throughout the year.

The passion for fountain pens is on the rise and Mr. Agyemang is there to be a part of it all. Lamy is the first choice for many beginners looking to experience fountain pens for the first time. They are fun, accessible and can actually improve your handwriting. They are great tools for people of all ages and a lot of younger people are rediscovering the art of writing. You will be able to find LAMY at our Silent Auction on Friday, September 20th. Look out mom and dad!