Being part of the Miss German-America Court is a remarkable experience, especially when it involves representing your heritage and connecting with others who share the same cultural background. As Miss German-America 2013, Kristina Kren had the honor of being crowned Queen and serving as a representative of the German-American community. Let’s delve into some memorable aspects of her reign and how this experience has influenced her life.

The Grand Marshals in 2013 were Werner Roth, Christian Dinkelacker, and Harald Leibrecht. Their presence added a special touch to the festivities, and it was an honor to have them participate in the Parade.

One of the most remarkable moments of Kristina’s reign was the opportunity to attend various events and meet countless individuals who were passionate about their German-American heritage. It was a joy for her to connect with like-minded people and learn about their stories. However, the absolute highlight of her reign was being invited to Karneval in Köln! The vibrant festivities, colorful costumes, and lively atmosphere left an indelible impression on her.

Kristina’s involvement with the German-American community has always been an integral part of her life. From a young age, she actively participated in SVV Original Enzian, a German cultural organization, and marched in the Steuben Parade almost every year. In 1998, she had the privilege of being Junior Princess, which further fueled her aspirations to become Miss German-America. Representing her heritage and family history motivated her to pursue this role and contribute to the German American community. Attending the Steuben Parade has been a cherished tradition in her life since she was a baby. She makes it a point to be there every year. In recent years, she has either participated as an announcer, proudly introducing the various groups marching in the parade, or marched with her Schuhplattling group, SVV Original Enzian.

To the future courts, Kristina would like to offer some words of advice and encouragement. “Embrace every moment and savor the experience, as it is truly unparalleled. This opportunity allows you to meet new people, engage in public speaking, and represent the Steuben Parade Committee. Be confident, outgoing, and prepared to interact with individuals from diverse backgrounds. Enjoy the journey and have fun!”

Being a court member, especially as Miss German-America, has had a profound impact on her present life. The experience of giving speeches and speaking at various events helped her to develop comfort and confidence in public speaking. This newfound ease has translated into her professional life, where she now feels more at ease when delivering presentations at her job. The opportunity to deliver the Gala speech was particularly influential in boosting her public speaking skills.

Kristina has maintained involvement with the Parade Committee. During the Parade season, she assists the PR Committee by participating in TV news segments to promote both the Steuben Parade and SVV Original Enzian, her Schuhplattling group. Additionally, she has been given the responsibility of announcing all the participating groups at the end of the Parade route for the past few years.

The Steuben remains a delightful sight to witness the participation of various German-American groups from the tri-state area, who consistently show their support year after year.

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