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Yorkville, was once an internationally famous section in New York City from the 30s through the 60s, known as Yorkville/Kleindeutschland. Settled by a population of Middle and Eastern European countries, its largest ethnic group was German speaking.  In keeping with tradition an effort was started in 1990 by the Yorkville Kleindeutschland Historical Society to preserve some of Yorkville’s heritage, now lost forever, through our Language Club.

We are a 26 year old co-operative of students and teachers who wish to preserve the study of the German language and culture in an informal environment.  The cost  is $475.00 for the 15 week, 30 hour course.    (Material  extra).

Our Club makes no profit.  We are supported solely by our members, and we offer German learning opportunities, social and cultural events. We meet at the historic Kolping Society, 165 East 88th Street.


We also march in the German/American Steuben Parade every September.  Friends and family of students and teachers are Invited to join in the September Parade and all the festivities during German/American Month.  


   To register, or for further information, kaj133@aol.com or 212/249-0125  

We offer a relaxed and pressure  free atmosphere with no books, exams, etc. All Adult and Kids’ classes cater only to the needs of its participants and offer outside help from our Native Teachers, when one cannot attend every session.  We are not profit making and are solely supported by our member students. One may join during the semester at any time. We are not a clinical classroom and are purely supplemental to German courses.  We engage in German Cultural Events, march in the Parade, and do other German related things together.

Our 26th year, spring semester begins February 2, through May 24.   It will run Tuesdays for 15 weeks(30 hours) honoring holiday dates. One can join a class during the semester on a pro-rated schedule.

A Beginner Class has just been created via many requests.

Adult sessions take place 6:30-8;30 are for Intermediate (those who have some knowledge and experience with German) which caters to specific needs in grammar, and conversation. Advanced class is for those who like to keep up their knowledge and improve upon it, with grammar review. See our website for further information. www.germanlearn.com.


*Kids’ classes will follow the Board of Ed school schedule, and are for toddler’s to teens. Hours are 4:45-5:45 and 5-6PM