2014-Sara-Cruz-Parade-Fotos-029The German-American Committee of Greater New York is the umbrella organization that oversees the Steuben Parade. The Committee was founded in 1958 and is a not-for-profit 501(c)3 organization registered in the state of New York.

The Committee is led by a board of three directors, currently including:

Michael J. Rabus, President
Robert Hugel, Treasurer
Frederick H.W. Hansen, Secretary

The Committee consists furthermore of 21 Directors who serve 3 year terms and represent organizations from the entire German-American community. The current roster includes:

Class of 2016:

Eric Hoffmann
Joe Pfeifer
Steve Purk
Michael J. Rabus
Richard J. Rom
Herb Seeff
John Wellenreuther

Class of 2017:

Rosemarie Bartzick
Heinz Buck
Nicole Radske-Miskiewicz
Robert Radske
Elke Rugen
Stefan Schwarze
Claus Suhr

Class of 2018:

Lenny Coyne
Frederick H.W. Hansen
Thomas Hacker
Robert Hugel
Jens Riedel
Randall Ratje
Waldemar Stoppacher

The Committee further consists of regular members.
To apply for membership, please contact the secretary at