Kirsten Harzewski – Princess 1992


Written By: Elise Wilkinson Kirsten Harzewski (Okon) one of the princesses of the 35th Annual Steuben Parade remembers spending the summer of 1992 going to Oktoberfests where she met many people excited to share the German culture and speak German with her.  She was introduced to the idea of joining the court by Herb Seefe, current Vice-Chairman […]

Reflections, Miss German-America

MGA Felicia Heinze

Every year since the very first German-American Steuben Parade in 1957, a Miss German-America has been chosen to represent the German-American Community. As we prepare to crown the 2017 Miss German-America and her Court on May 21st,  we wanted to take time to highlight and revisit a few Miss German-America’s and Princesses celebrating milestone anniversary years […]



Written By: Rebecca Koehler   Let me just start by saying how incredibly blessed I am to have had the opportunity to attend Karneval in Germany! This was the first time anyone in my family has been back to Germany since my great grandparents left Nuremberg. Needless to say, 95% of the time I was […]



Written By: Rebecca Koehler   Having the honor of representing my German heritage as Miss German-America has been an absolute dream come true! I was able to attend multiple events throughout the year in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and abroad.   I am so thankful for the many people that keep the parade going each and ever […]

The Search is on for Miss German America 2017!


Who will be Miss German-America 2017, Queen of the 60th German-American Steuben Parade of New York?  Every year we crown a Miss German-America, Steuben Parade Queen along with two Parade Princesses, Junior Princesses and a Junior General. As spokeswoman for the New York Steuben Parade, the Queen and her court will promote the New York Steuben […]

The 2017 Parade Season has begun!

Written By: Sonia Juran Kulesza After a very successful 2016 Parade Season, the members of the Operating Committee took a well-deserved break to enjoy the year-end holidays. But soon enough our General Chairman, Bob Radske, knew it was time to invite the Operating Committee to gather together and get to work (its not really work […]

Meet 2016 Steuben Parade Princess Michaela Stuart


Written By: Jacqueline Ridberg Michaela Stuart has been named one of the two Princesses for the 2016 Miss German-America court. It is her strong familial ties to Germany and her tremendous amount of volunteer work that impressed the judges during the interview process. Michaela, a native of Pennsylvania, spent her youth surrounded by German culture. She […]

Meet 2016 Steuben Parade Princess Oona Yasukevich


Written By: Jacqueline Ridberg Oona Yasukevich is one of the two Princesses crowned for the 2016 Miss German America court.  Oona, 22, currently resides in Brooklyn but originally hails from Belarus. Her involvement in the local New York German community sparked an interest in applying for the 2016 Court. Oona traces her interest in German culture […]

Meet Miss German-America Rebecca Koehler


Written By: Jacqueline Ridberg This year’s Miss German-America is Rebecca Koehler. Rebecca, 21, served as a Princess for the 2015 German-American Steuben Parade. She feels this experience “will help [her] to represent the parade in a wonderful way.” Ms. Koehler is from North Bergen, NJ. In her hometown, she lives a very philanthropic lifestyle. Her faith […]

Meet the 2016 Steuben Parade Court


Written By: Jacqueline Ridberg Over the next week we will have a blog series introducing you to our 2016 Court! The 2016 Miss German-America court was crowned on May 15th! Rebecca Koehler has been named this year’s Miss German-America, after having served as Princess on last year’s court. Her Princesses are Oona Yasukevich and Michaela Stuart. […]